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The Woodworker for a Day workshop is a social responsibility workshop for companies, schools, families or groups of friends. It goes on for 8 hours, during which 16 people without any previous knowledge or experience of woodworking can construct between 8 and 16 pieces of furniture for a chosen group of beneficiaries, that can be a family, a school or a low-income community with specific needs. If donors do not chose otherwise, we work with the beneficiaries in the space they provide for us. It is a way to get to know our city and go beyond our comfort zones, getting in contact with different contexts and realities. All volunteers work under close supervision and guidance from our staff, in totally safe conditions.

Often times, the donors have previously identified the community that they want to benefit, and the people that will carry out the volunteer work. When they do not have either of these two components already arranged, llenando espacios identifies a beneficiary group that will be interesting to the donor, and/or summons the group of volunteers that will build the furniture. For families or groups of friends that want to contribute as volunteers for a good cause, llenando espacios may offer funding to complement an incomplete donation. Please ask us if you are interested in this possibility.

Quan Cum Workshop, in association with Dale Carnegie

Quan Cum is a business workshop, where concepts of leadership are constructed through the social woodworking workshops of llenando espacios. The company’s specific needs are identified to carry out disruptive activities focused on encouraging leadership, while simultaneously generating both social consciousness and social impact. Participants reflect upon the attitude with which they confront challenges, their willingness to cooperate, and their ability to make sensible and effective decisions in changing situations, in a space where they are actively engaged in improving the quality of life of Colombians living in poverty and vulnerability. The company makes a contribution along with llenando espacios to meet the needs of a family or a community project while promoting discipline, trust and a sense of pride in its leaders. The fee of Quan Cum Workshop is meant to cover the costs related to the workshop and to contribute to the sustainability of llenando espacios and to the expansion of its activity.

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